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Add this breathtaking Moroccan city to your bucket list ASAP

This city’s vibrant hue will make you reach for your passport.

Chefchaouen, Morocco, is a gem.

A city located in northwest Morocco, Chefchaouen is easily identifiable by its stunning shades of blue. Snuggled within the the Rif Mountains, it’s only a few hours inland from the coast of the Mediterranean.  Cities like Casablanca, Tangiers, and Rabat are only a day-trip’s worth of travel away.

Yesterday, the gorgeous city made its first debut on the Morocco Snapchat Live story. The country took the chance to show pride in their flag, souks (markets), and ethnic wear.

Take a look at this beautiful city for yourself.

1. Take a few minutes to gawk at this helicopter-view.

2. I mean. What?

Is this place even real?

3. What I would give to have a patio that looked like this.

4. Even their souks are dazzling.

5. And there are cats all over the place!

6. And not to mention the people!

The population of Morocco is said to have some of the gentlest, most heart-warming people, speaking a mix of Arabic, Berber and French.

7. Imagine all the Instagrammable photo-ops these doors present.

I have serious travel-envy now. Anyone want to book a one-way ticket to Morocco with me?