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For the lucky ones who missed the GOP Debate

Hey; you ever think about voting? Below is proof as to why you always should.

Hey there, you; I know you. You’ve probably already heard about the Republican Debate tonight, haven’t you? You’ve probably scrolled through Facebook, and seen your liberal friends profess their aggressive intolerance for the Grand Ol’ Party, or perhaps the trending #GOPdebate hashtag caught your eye on Twitter. You may not have watched it, but you think about politics quite a bit, don’t you? The politics of the U.S government, the politics of the international world, and the politics of your relationship with your college hallmates. But hey; you ever think about voting? No? Yes?

If you responded no, you should be. If you responded yes; well, here are a few key points from tonight’s Republican Debate that should enthusiastically increase your drive to make sure the United States is not run by somebody unfit for the position. In fact, disregard my previous question completely. No matter who you are and what you think about voting, it is important to recognize the events that ensued tonight.


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Farzana Waseeq

Farzana Waseeq

Farzana Waseeq is a writer and education devotee. Her work can be seen on publications such as the Huffington Post, The Islamic Monthly, and The Tempest. She is based in Los Angeles.

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