These Silicon Valley and space stars have a better idea of how to treat you — a genius young black Muslim with dreams of attending MIT.

1. Twitter straight up gave you an internship.

And Reddit basically gave you one too:

2. NASA’s Iranian American “Mohawk Guy” offered Ahmed his support.

3. Mark Zuckerberg wants to meet Ahmed.


4. He’s impressed astronauts Chris Hadfield and Daniel Tani.

5. Google invited Ahmed to their prestigious annual science fair.

6. Into civic tech, Ahmed? The U.S. government’s digital consulting team can show you the ropes.

I mean, what else are going to do while you’re in D.C. visiting the President?

7. A few researchers and students at Ahmed’s dream school, MIT, offered him invites.

I’m pretty sure it’s not going to end there, either.

Because as one Twitter user put it…

  • Aysha Khan

    Aysha Khan is a journalist based in Baltimore, covering underrepresented communities and digital culture.