Meet Mariah Idrissi. The new face of the H&M recycling awareness ad campaign titled “Close the Loop,” she’s been making waves around the world for the stereotypes she’s been single-handedly bashing with her effortless style.

Here are some of her amazing looks.

1. She’s inspiring hijabis everywhere.

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H&M shoot ?

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2.  Let us just appreciate those facial features.

3.  Women who empower others are a godsend.

4. Simultaneously stunning and educating us all.

5.  Look at that gorgeous henna.

6. Proving that she looks good in everything.

7. Serious shoe envy.

8. Queen.

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Just chilling. @josephsinclair ? #tb

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9. Killing it.

10. Tea anybody?

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#teabae شاي مغربي ?☕️??

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11.  Look at those beautiful colors.

12. At least she’s honest about what makes her happy.

13.  That stunning smile.

14. Slay.

15. Everything about this picture is gorgeous.

16. Self-love never looked so good.

17.  We are all that woman in the back left.

18. Makeup on fleek.

19.  Unapologetically herself.

20. Rocking that hijab.

21. Effortlessly making us all swoon.

22.  I could stare at this forever.

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