I’ve enjoyed writing since I first learnt to express my feelings through it, probably around age 8. At the time, this meant a hot pink “secret” diary in which I scrawled my indignant views about my classmates’ actions.

Since then, writing has been a channel for me to record the happenings of my life, vent my frustrations, reason rather harshly with myself, and occasionally, revel in my achievements.

I started writing articles around age 17, when I wanted to prevent people from committing the same mistakes that I did, or when I just wanted to get my views “out there” (and perhaps to spite some people passive-aggressively as well).

Becoming an editorial intern at Coming of Faith provided me with a platform for my work to reach an audience so diverse that I could never had reached otherwise. I got to learn many things about online publications as well about myself.

First of all, one amazing discovery that I made was the wonder known as gif listicles. When I was first asked to write one, I was doubtful as to whether I’d be able to do so, since I had never written anything like that before. Before long, I learned that a gif listicle is a fun and easy way to get your views across, and it can sometimes make caustic statements more palatable.

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Writing for Coming of Faith has also taught me about the inner workings of an online publication- I got to experience how the work is delegated among the staff and what will be expected of me, should I one day work in this area.

At times, I was assigned to cover news stories about American politics- which, being an international student, I knew nothing about. My internship has led me to learn about the current happenings in the presidential race, so I can actually understand what’s going on now, without having to resort to Wikipedia while reading a news article.

I had purposely taken on sections where I could write about my own life experiences since that’s what I enjoy doing. When I would run out of ideas I had previously thought of, I sometimes found myself reflecting on my past life and writing things that had never actually occurred to me before. More often than not, I began to view my past experiences in a new light as I was writing about them- I could practically see the way my outlook had changed over the years as I rethought my stance over different things.

For me, that is the biggest takeaway from my internship at Coming of Faith- I learnt that, no matter what, I should keep on writing since it’s not only the best way I can express myself, it’s also how I can grow into a better person.

  • Anonymous writes, no matter what, and tells their story regardless of the circumstances.