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Nifty steps for dealing with a fictional character’s death

Write fanfiction.

You’ve only just started being attached to that character when BOOM the sound of his/her life on the pages sizzling to a stop. Oh, and in the background you can hear your waning sanity.

Here are some steps to getting over the fact that you just lost another piece of your heart.

Step One: Denial.

Ron Weasly looks confused.

You have to believe deep, deep down that the character didn’t just disappear due to the author’s negligence.

Step Two: Wear this shirt. Or just go all black.

Don't talk to me my favorite character just died T Shirt.

Aren’t mourning colors just sublime?


Step Three: Binge eat chocolates. Actually, don’t.

Binge eat chocolate cake.

It’ll just remind you of all the foods your favorite character no longer can *sob* eat.


Step Four: Start believing in parallel universes. That means you just got a, um, dud author… right?

Alternative universe


Step Five: Threaten to sue the author.

Snape clapping in approval.

This will DEFINITELY work.


Step Six: Pick another favorite character.

Crying at the movies.



Step Seven: Go to therapy and the occasional support group. You’ll need it.

Prolonged hugging.



Step Eight: When all else fails, write fanfiction.

Typing furiously, writing fanfiction.

…It works. I know.