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You can now finally tell TSA what you really think about them on Yelp

Internet justice has finally come for the TSA, and the results are so, so sweet.

I hate going through the TSA. As a Muslim, hijabi and Arab, the experience is humiliating, agonizing and every type of embarrassing. I can feel the stares of the passengers around me as I make my way through the metal detector, and it is always WITHOUT FAIL that I get pulled aside for a pat-down. I always leave feeling shaken and just the slightest bit less human.

So it made my life when I saw the latest announcement: THE TSA IS NOW ON YELP. OFFICIALLY.  There’s a government announcement and everything. If that isn’t a feature to brighten up your life, I don’t know what is. Maybe looking at some brightly colored outfits will make you happy. I don’t know. Eat some good food. Because this makes me completely overjoyed.

What I am still waiting to see is a flood of Yelp reviews by people of color and visibly “Other” individuals (cough Muslim or Sikh people cough) that undergo what can only be termed as utterly dehumanizing. For now, there are just the occasional few reviews by people who really hate TSA – with a vengeance. You can find all the reviews here, but in the meantime, here are some of the more noteworthy ones.