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Don’t hold your breath over justice for this country

The world has turned a blind eye to Afghanistan.

In the early hours of the morning, August the 7th, a bomb went off in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Bombings, explosions, and other various types of attacks take place very frequently in Afghanistan. That being said, it should be noted that to say this was a single bomb attack would be a wild understatement. The explosive material was contained in a large truck that was running along a main road in Kabul’s 8th district. It detonated at roughly 1:00 a.m, local time.

All victims of the attack, thus far, have been civilians. More than 400 are wounded, with the majority of the injuries coming from shards of glass and flying rubble that resulted from the explosion. As of midnight, Pacific Standard Time, 8 have been pronounced dead, and authorities are worried and almost certain that more bodies will be found beneath the wreckage.

It is no surprise that the Taliban are the first to be suspected of masterminding this meaninglessly violent attack; what, with their long history and meaningless violence, specifically in Afghanistan. While nobody has officially claimed responsibility yet, the night is still young, and I am sure that none of us are waiting on the edge of our seats to figure out who is at fault this time.

However, here is the real juice behind these attacks on Afghan soil: they happen all the time – constantly, even – and yet, nobody is paying any attention. The world has turned a blind eye to Afghanistan. I don’t suppose their intent is, strictly speaking, malicious, but is even worse: it is boredom of news continuity. You hear too much about something, and you begin to shrug it off. You tire of the same, old reports, and the same, old stories, and the media notices. News continuity. The oxymoronic nature of the term is the very reason why the mainstream media – and the world, really – no longer care to know about what is happening in Afghanistan. This country has been in constant turmoil for almost four decades. Its citizens have been prematurely and needlessly dying for almost four decades. Its streets and shops and schools and artifacts have been continuously destroyed for almost four decades. Its soil has been subjected to superpower projectiles for almost four decades.

Four decades is quite a long time, especially for a world that cannot even sit through a 3-hour movie without complaining.

If you take the time to type “Afghanistan” into Google News, your heart will bleed. I promise you, your heart will bleed. These attacks, never one less meaningless than the other, occur in near uniformity. According to a recent semi-annual report by the United Nations, there was a counted number of 5,000 civilian casualties in Afghanistan during the first 6 months of 2015 alone. 5,000 is an enormous number – but, as you can now see, nobody is paying attention.

Afghan authorities are continuing to investigate this specific attack. Remember, folks; don’t fall off your seats waiting to hear the voice of he who is to blame.