What’s going on in #GreeceCrisis? As told by someone who’s only read the headlines

I may only read the headlines but any time I read “IMF” I know this is just bad.

This is bad. Real bad. None of these pictures seem to show that there are any good updates about whatever’s going on in Greece right now. People are facepalming.

CNN once again uses a country’s crisis to prove its the leader of worldwide news.
“Yeah, can I get one Depression, Greek style with a side of steak fries?”

Ok, so apparently there’s some sort of vote for should there be a #GreeceCrisis or not?

So usually I imagine creditors to look like the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs and then I think to myself, “No, Jasmine. Stop being a child. They do not blow people’s houses down/destroy their lives just for kicks.” But this headline CONFIRMS THE IMAGE IN MY HEAD and now all I picture is the Big Bad Wolf about to blow down the Pantheon.

Apparently you can vote for “austerity” which sounds more like a trait you use to explain how what a jerk your neighbor is: “Poor Mrs. Jones. Her husband only buys her cards from the 99 cent store for their anniversary. He’s so austere.”

Greece still remains famous for its tragedies and comedies and this is just the latest in the 2,455 year old tradition. Can’t wait till it comes to a theater near me!

Crap. I may only read the headlines but any time I read “IMF” in a headline I know this is just bad, bad, bad, bad.

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