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Taylor Swift’s watered down feminism has always given me a bit of suspicion, but today she really showed her true colors when she reacted negatively to one of Nicki Minaj’s tweets. I’m not surprised to say it in the least, everyone.Β Taylor Swift is undoubtedly a White Feminist.

After seeing that her music video Feeling Myself wasn’t nominated for the VMAs, she tweeted the following:

And here’s Taylor’s inciting tweet:

To which Nicki, very confused, replied:

Taylor’s response is a Grade A example of White Feminism. Almost dictionary definition. She rejects the idea that as a White woman, she holds power over Nicki, and insists that Nicki shouldn’t pit girls against girls and instead unite against a “common enemy” (men). The idea that Nicki is not allowed to pit women against each other in this manner is deeply flawed, because it would presume that all women of all races have equal privilege–which they certainly do not.

The truth is that White women pretty much oppress Black women in almost the exact same ways as White men, and Taylor sorely needs a lesson in intersectional feminism.

The backlash was pretty much immediate, supported by Nicki’s retweets and favs.

And then in came the Big Bad Media Machine.

The chances that you’ve seen other articles about this topic is pretty likely, but I’ll bet a lot of the cover photos looked a lot like Starships era Nicki looking wild with an elegant and suave Taylor in an image beside her. A lot of the headlines I saw today pit Taylor and Nicki against each other, claiming that Nicki “threw a jab” at Taylor–completely untrue.



Moral of the story is: the public, once again, is led to believe that the White girlΒ is the victim of the big, scary Black woman. All the articles put on display Taylor’s tweet, but don’t show Nicki’s equally loving response. No, she has to be the reactionary one.

And everyone was quick to point of Taylor’s hypocrisy, simultaneously highlighting the privilege she has for avoiding scrutiny for doing almost the exact same things.

To make matters worse, Taylor responded in what was supposed to be a nice tweet:

Hate to break it to you Taylor, but Nicki doesn’t need you. You are not her White savior, so graciously willing to let her share stage time with you. Nicki can get there on her own just fine, and your offer doesn’t solve the problem and is definitely not an apology.

She doesn’t want your stage, she deserves one for her.

As zaynsfreepalestinetweet says, “that is such a disgusting thing to say she might as well just tweeted “come see me get awarded up close for my mediocre work since the only way you’ll be on this stage is if i carry you along like a fucking lap dog””

While the Feeling Myself music video is Tidal exclusive, you can watch it here. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t seem to stop watching it.

  • Caressa Wong is a radical, non-binary Chinese-American who dabbles in video, art, and writing. If they're not lost in video games or off getting sucked into some new project, then you can find them fighting Asian fetishists and reading post-colonial & inter-sectional meditations.