Rebecca Black GifAfter a long, stressful week, it’s finally Friday night. It’s about time to pull out that party dress, pop on your favorite heels and head on over to the nearest party. But wait…is there even a party tonight? Or maybe you’re in that minority group like me that never really has any parties to go to on Friday nights, or have strict parents that forbid you to leave the house after 10 o’clock…

Unfortunately, partying every Friday night only occurs in movies and eventually you’re going to find yourself alone one night. Well that shouldn’t be an issue and keep you from enjoying your free evening. After all, it is a summer night and that means no staying up late to do homework, but rather staying up late to do whatever you desire. So why not spice it up a bit?

Here are my tried-and-true five ways to turn those lonesome Friday nights into nights you’ll wish will never end.

1. Spa night!

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After surviving through the entire week, a spa night is the perfect way to end your Friday. Make this evening all about pampering yourself and relieving any tensions on your mind.

Start off by taking a warm bath. I personally love adding soothing essential oils such as scents like lavender in the water to help myself relax. Bubble bath is another great option, too!

Light a candle that has a fresh scent, then try out a relaxing facial mask. It can be homemade or store bought, but it’ll definitely help you feel fresh after that bath.

Make a cup of your favorite tea. Tea can be very calming, but if you’re not a fan, cold water works just as well.

Pull out some nail polishes and give yourself a manicure! There are so many fun summer designs to use that’ll add a pop of color to your nails.

2. Have a movie night.

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Who says you have to go to the theatre to watch your favorite movie? Log onto Netflix, make yourself a bowl of popcorn, hide under the blankets and enjoy your favorite movie!

Have a movie marathon of your favorite series, start watching a new TV show, or make a new list of movies you want to watch and stay up the rest of the night.

3. Be a bookworm.

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During the school year, there is never time to read books that you actually want to read. Trust me, I talk from experience. Now that you have the night alone, why not turn into a bookworm and binge read what you missed out on during the year?

Start a new book series, read a novel you’ve been meaning to, reread one of your favorite childhood books and see how many details went over your head the first time, or reread an old mystery novel and see how quickly you can solve it this time.

4. Have your own fashion show.

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Ever wanted to try a new outfit and accessorize it but you just didn’t have the time? Well, now you have all the time you want! Pull out your dresses, shirts, skirts, scarves, jewelry, high heels and feather boas and throw on your very own one-woman fashion show. Be your own judge, strut down the runway, and who knows, you may even start a new trend.

Invent new outfits by pairing apparel you never tried together before, experiment with new hairdos, and try out bold new makeup looks. Bonus points if you go out of your comfort zone on Monday’s outfit.

5. Organize Your Room

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Okay, now I know what you all are thinking. Who wants to their Friday night cleaning their rooms? Trust me on this though – decluttering will help you feel less stressed and make you feel clean and productive.

Organizing can assist in taking your mind off of things that happened throughout the day, especially if you want to forget something.

Move some things around your room (Not heavy furniture! You don’t want to wake up the others!) Try reorganizing little things on your nightstand or desk for a fresh habitat.

Play some ambient music in the background or rock out to you favorite tunes as you clean. Just make sure to control the volume – you don’t want to bother others!

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