1. Don’t talk to strangers


Your parents initially said this as a way to prevent you from encountering anyone who was going to harm you, but honestly, anyone you talk to is a stranger at first. Your prospective friends, employers, colleagues- all strangers.

If you don’t talk to strangers, though, then you’ll end up marrying your cousin. #AWKWARD

2. Boys are bad – like, really bad


Once again, your parents wanted to protect you from getting your heart broken or doing the nasty so they just told you to steer clear from boys. However, not all boys are bad, and you’re going to have to marry one anyways (even though your parents might pick him out for you) #arrangedmarriage.

3. Reading in the dark will hurt your eyes


…and carrots will help your eyesight.

Though reading in the dark may put a strain on your eyes, it is nothing that sleep can’t fix. With technology nowadays, most of the reading we do is on a smartphone, tablet or computer anyways, which is backlit.

Yay for #3amTumblrnights.

4. You’ll catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair


Ah, moms, always looking after us. The wetness of your hair has no impact on catching a virus. But if you let someone who is sick sneeze on you, then you’re out of luck.


5. Your pet ran away


This may be the most brutal lie that your parents tell you. It seems as if they have a harder time coping with your pet’s death than you do.

I thought my bird flew away and later found out that she was eaten by a hawk… #truestory

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