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20 moments this feminist fashion icon absolutely slayed the style game – without taking herself too seriously

0 to 100 REAL QUICK

Saima Chowdhury, known as @SaimaSmilesLike on Instagram, is, in her own words, a “cat obsessed YouTuber, blogger, photographer, designer and feminist.” The one thing she doesn’t mention? How often she slays the style game, almost effortlessly.

Most style icons on Instagram take themselves way too seriously – but Saima will soon become your new favorite. Advocating for the rights of those who need it alongside her outfit photos (and the occasional adorable couple shot), Saima knows just how to take the game from 0 to 100.

1. When she proved that black really does go with everything.


2. When she killed the smart/casual game.


3.  When this simple snap made me want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

In love with these shoes from @madeby2ba 😍 Thank you so much ❤️

A post shared by Saima Chowdhury (@saimasmileslike) on


4. When she bought back the monochrome look.

Spring lookbook coming soon 🌸 #fblogger #springlookbook #spring

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5. When she made even this hat look stylish.

Season of the witch 🌙

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6. When she gave us serious ring envy.


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7. When she showed us how to style out black in summer.


8. When she killed it with this dress.


9. When she effortlessly pulled off the minimalistic look.


10. When she gave us Cinderella vibes in this dress.


11. When she looked flawless in this outfit.


12. When her eyeliner was so sharp it could kill.

My scarf likes to move around my head by itself #fblogger #bblogger #septum

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13. When she showed us how to accessorize scarves with hijabs.

Printed neck scarves for winter. Hell yeah.✖️

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14. When she gave us a heart-attack with this look.


15. When she killed with this abaya.

Oldie but a goldie, my fave abaya from @idhclothing ✌️#fbloggers #SIMPLYCOVERED

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16. When she out-styled a Dalek.

I met a Dalek today. #dalek #doctorwho

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17. When she made us want it to be summer already.


18. When everything was just so on fleek.

Sneak peek from my latest music video #JustKidding #ItJustLooksLikeAMusicVid

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19. When she made us feel like peasants.

Walking fluff ball. Photo @fbali #fauxfur #fbloggers #hm #topshop #oreliajewellery

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20. When she killed the Desi look.



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