July is finally here. Time to pull out that bikini out of the closet and head to the beach to soak in some sun! Or maybe in your case it’s time to pull out those weights and start working out for that ideal bikini body if you haven’t been already. People of all sorts are working out non stop to get a flatter stomach, more toned abs, a rounder butt. Are we seriously doing all this to wear a bikini to the beach only to impress others…?

What exactly is this ideal bikini body we want so badly, anyway? Is it Selena Gomez curvy new look in a super-sexy suit? Or Beyonce’s unreal curves in a skimpy crochet two-piece? Or Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s killer abs? And on and on and on. These celebrities seriously rock their beautiful bodies and only make us wish we looked anything close to that. But we have to realize that these celebrities are pretty much forced to look like that because they know they’re all over the media. They don’t have a choice. You do.

So we need to steer away from permitting the media to define for us what the “ideal” bikini body really is.

Working out to get your own personal ideal body shape is way different than working out to wear a bikini. For example, fitness trainers don’t workout all year long just to look good for the summer. They want to work out to make themselves feel good and to have a body that they are content with. Whereas working out right before the summer time to wear a bikini…well, I hate to break it to you but you’re working your butt off to look good in front of other people that will see you in the bikini. This has a lot to do with how self conscious people are about themselves, but in that case, your “ideal” bikini body is what you are content with, not what others want to see. On these terms, the media shouldn’t define what an ideal bikini body is for you but instead you should discover the body shape that you are most comfortable in.

The big thing here is not to compare yourself to the media. As I stated previously, people like Kim Kardashian have to maintain their body shape all the time, and you bet they’re going to look hot as ever when it comes to Bikini Season. However, only they themselves know whether they are content with living this lifestyle. Of course they must be proud of the results, but do you really think it’s fun to workout all the time and limit what you eat just to look good in front of others? Part of this “finding your own ideal bikini body thing” is to live a lifestyle that you are satisfied with, not living under the pressure of a lifestyle you should live. Luckily, media is finally starting to recognize that concept itself. In a recent article, Selena Gomez slams the bullies shaming her for her body. Who cares if she put on a little weight? “If I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, then I’m doing something wrong,” she says. She’s happy with her body and that is what is important. In Marie Claire, plus size model Denise Bidot “shows what it really means to have a beach body (have a body, and be on a beach)” in a piece called “#BeachBodyNotSorry.”

I’m not trying to define for you what the “ideal” bikini body is, but I am telling you to define it for yourself. Find a body shape that you feel comfortable in without overworking yourself and something that makes you feel good. Don’t let the media limit you to what you can or cannot wear to the beach.

Don’t be afraid to wear a bikini and constantly think what others may perceive of you. So grab that bikini, head over to the beach, and flaunt that bikini body — that is, your bikini body.

  • Zereen Ahmed

    Zereen Amy Ahmed is your not-so-typical born and raised SoCal girl who is currently having an affair with writing. From journalism to poetry to fictional stories, Writing has always been by Zereen's side, permitting her to express what she feels strongly about. With her fondness of the English language, she aspires to become an awesome possum blossom high school English teacher when she is older, hoping to share her love for the subject and encourage students to discover the true beauty the subject withholds. She has a passion for fashion, enthusiasm for English, interest in anything artistic & creative, love for family and friends, and admiration for those who inspire her. Her goal is to use her passion for writing to spark interest, influence, and inspire those around her.