Nadia Aboulhosn, a fashion blogger, designer, and model, never fails to look drop dead gorgeous. Nadia is an inspiration to girls of all shapes and sizes and preaches the beauty of self-confidence. She’s been featured in many magazines such as Refinery 29, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Complex Magazine. She has modeled for Boohoo, American Apparel, Addition Elle, and Stylist Magazine.

Who else dreams of a shopping spree with Nadia Aboulhosn?

1. When she effortlessly pulled off this look. 


2. When she looked amazing in this colorful dress.

3. When she made us want to raid Evans clothing.


4. When she showed us that skinny jeans don’t just look good on skinny girls.


5. When her makeup was so on fleek.


6. When the simplest of outfits looked like art on her.


7. When she looked sexy as hell in this outfit.


8. When she proved that she could pull off any look.


9. When she blew us away with this dress.


10. When she killed it in menswear.


11. When her killer legs were just everything.


12. When she killed the summer-chic look.


13. When she inspired us all with this post.


14. When she seduced us in this steamy dress.


15. When she slayed in the desert.


16. When she made us all want to buy floral dresses.


17. When her captions were so motivating.


18. When she gave us serious body envy.


19. When she proved that everything does look better in black.


20. When she murdered the game in this jumpsuit.


21.  When she bewitched us all with this look.

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Part 2 with @boohooofficial!

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22. When her hair and makeup was just on point.


23. When she looked stunning from head to toe.


24. When no f****s were given.


25. When she rocked this cozy jumper.

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