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10 definite signs you’re stuck in a young adult novel

Is it the hormones, the rage at the machine, the love interests?

How can you tell you’re in a young adult novel? Is it the hormones, the rage at the machine, the love interests? It can all be a bit of overwhelming. Here are 10 tell tale signs you’re definitely in a young adult novel. Okay? Okay.

1. You are involved in a love triangle.


Both your love interests are hot. And kind. And smart. And they both love you more than you could ever imagine. But in like, different ways, you know? Like, it feels like you can’t live without either of them. How to choose? Wait to see which one of them sacrifices themselves for you. Oh, they both already have? Okay, well, make them play rock, paper, scissors?

2. You are the chosen one.


The future of the universe lies on your scrawny pubescent shoulders. How will you handle such a massive task? With friends, a mentor, and a pair of old Converse that tell the world you come from a modest background but you are a force to be reckoned with.

3. You do not want to be the chosen one.


What did you possibly do to deserve this? You just want a normal life like all the other teenagers at your school. WHY YOU? Who cares if the fate of the world is up to you and that you have the potential to take all the oppressed people out of their misery. You just want to go to the arcade on a Friday night like everybody else. Ugh.

4. Someone you love very much is dying. Or already dead.


You feel somehow responsible for their death. You either had to choose between saving them or the rest of humanity and they insisted on sacrificing themselves for the good of the rest of the world and you live the rest of your life trying to honor their legacy but also with the terrible weight of guilt.

5. Your parents are the absolute worst.


And that’s why you have to run away and find yourself away from the suffocating, blazing fires of your suburban hell hole.

6. Your parents are the absolute best.


And now one of them is/they are both dead and it’s all your fault. You will become enveloped in your own guilt before rising above this.

7. You have a group of friends that are all so different that they all contribute their own traits in your quest to save the world/come of age.


In real life, you would probably never hang out with these people. Birds of a feather flock together.

8. The world you live in sucks.


Because it’s post-apocalyptic and your status in society is defined by how long your pinky fingernail can grow in two months.

9. The world you live in sucks.


Because no one understands you as YOU, you know?

10. Everyone is wearing the same thing.


And you can’t stand tunics or the color taupe anymore. You rebel by coloring a button red with a sharpie that you bought from the black market since sharpies have been banned since the founding of The Republic.