Offensive pick up lines–I know a thing or two about those. I’ve had my fair share of butchered Chinese sentences and, “What’s your last name? Oh, I knew it!” in my time but nothing even comes close to the submissions Coming of Faith got when we asked Muslim women to tell us the worst pick up lines they’ve ever received.

Seriously. Try and top these.

6. “Let’s get married so I don’t have to lower my gaze every time I see you.”

Well said. I’d like to think he lowers his gaze for a different reason now, @sm_kol, because I hope you scared the pants off of him once those words exited his mouth.


5. “I bet you’d make a great first wife.”

It’s alright. Not all of us can handle their bigotry with flawless grace and wit right on the spot.

But seriously? What’s with the marriage obsession? These guys are treating you Muslim ladies in a more objectifying manner than they believe your religion does.

4. “You’re really hot. You have terrorist-y eyes.”

Right. Let’s skip to the part where she terrorizes you, then.


3. “You must be like Satan, because you fell out of Jannah.”

…And landed right in the middle of a new one.

2. “If you’re allowed to talk to boys, then let’s talk.”

Actually, Momma said I’m not allowed to let jerks use up my precious time. Later!


1.”You must be an angel, because I pray to that face of yours.”


Moral of the story, this is what Muslim women really think of your ham-handed pick up lines:

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