The Bechdel test, the Mako Mori test, the sexy lamp test…all byproducts of an entertainment industry that could care less for their representation of women, unless it’s their target audience (ala the Chick Flick). In a new Funny or Die video, Margaret Cho parodies a-probably-real life scenario by imagining what Hollywood might look like if it were women making the decisions.

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The board is faced with a problem: “Fifty-two percent of our audience is male — or whatever,” Cho says, not really caring. “They want us to beef up Dan’s character,” she adds, then invites her team to think of a character improvement such as giving him “a little hobby.”

Trope #1: The Inappropriate Man-Child

 We’ve all encountered him, and somewhere in the back of our heads we all knew that he had to have a professional career at some point. How, we will never know.

Trope #2: The One That Thinks Women Aren’t Funny


I don’t know about you, but I literally spent a good portion of my life dedicated to watching female stand-up on YouTube. Like, that’s all I did all the time. At some point, I mean, I had to stumble into the comments to find John Doe pitching in his aggressive two cents. Try it right now, there’s probably like four comments per female comedienne that says women aren’t funny.

Trope #3: The More the Merrier


For some reason, the TV girl always has to have a friend that’s hotter and wilder than her. Cue the, “Hey! And bring your hot friend, won’t you?”

Trope #4: The Guy That Relies On PMS In Arguments


The next time a guy has a fight with me about, like, feminism or ethics in gaming journalism or whatever I’ll just pull a Dan. Clearly, he has blue balls and isn’t in the right frame of mind to argue.

Trope #5: Rape As A Convenient Plot Device


When you can say, “full Game of Thrones” and have it allude to senseless rape then you know you’ve got a problem with your show. I’m pretty sure if this board went through with it, they wouldn’t even call it rape to help keep it “funny”.

Trope #6: Girls Are Complicated


Honestly, you’d think men would start to realize that being a woman doesn’t make you especially crazy or mysterious. Is it that hard to write female characters? Women write male characters all the time. This is your “girls are weird” high school or college aged boy but grown.

Trope #7: A Woman’s Touch…Sorta.


They ask Barry for advice, and when he gives his honest opinion they “get it”…but not really. The women end up deciding that what Dan needs is a prop, like a pig that he’ll have to wrestle while shirtless and oiled up after pole dancing class.

They even go on to mention that Barry’s just a diversity hire, have him take their orders for lunch, and even tell him he should smile more. Sound like a familiar work environment?

BONUS: This board room is more diverse than any show they’ll be pitching.


One of the women is revealed to be in a wheelchair, there’s more races than just black/white, there’s no particular preference for size, and still none of them can write a decent male character despite their own diversity. Interesting…

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