As a brown girl growing up, I can’t even count the number of times I frantically tried to hide all the cultural things that embarrassed me at age 12. Now, after seeing many of them take off on white girls’ Instagram posts, I thought about some of the other cultural gems they’ve overlooked and deserve equal access to.

1. Jharu Spanking Sessions


To be fair, our mothers learned to make do with brooms, ladles, or whatever else within an arms reach. A good chapal shot to the bottom could knock the cultural appropriation right out of ‘em.

2. The Nala

A pair of cream colored dhoti pants tied with a string.
[Image description: A pair of cream colored dhoti pants tied with a string.] Via Jaypore







You know, the faux elastic waistband so exotic even brown girls can barely manage them. Nothing says exotic like the constant fear of not knowing if your pants are about to fall off.

3. The Lota


This is probably the most underrated form of hygiene here in the US. Clean butts, anyone?

4. Impromptu Dance Numbers


I’m just saying, I’d be able to sit through The Notebook a lot easier if Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling broke out into a romantic dance during the famed rain scene.

5. Respecting cultures that aren’t your own


Alas…if only. This listicle would never have had to see the light of day.

  • Khadija Mubarik is a pre-med student at Wayne State University majoring in Women’s Studies and Psychology. She balances her time between school and her passion for photography. She runs her own freelance photography business, and is a photographer for The South End, the university’s student run paper.