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19 Tweets Expose Just How Racist McKinney Police Really Are

On Friday, June 5, a video taken in McKinney, Texas, went viral on the internet depicting a cop violently grabbing a 14-year-old black girl by her hair and pinning her to the ground.

At 2:56 you can see the officer dragging the girl by her hair and telling her to get down, as her friends approach the officer and he pulls his gun out, threatening them to stay away. He then returns his attention to the girl as she yells, “Call my mama, oh God!” and he aggressively swings her to the ground and shouts, “On your face!” while pressing her into the grass, face first.

Reactions to the video blew up on Twitter with the hashtags #McKinney and #McKinneyPolice, as people were trying to figure out if this was yet another hate crime by the police targeted towards African-Americans.

Comparisons were made between police treatment of white versus black people.

Friends of the young girl being harassed watched with fear, as well as neighbors and bystanders, such as the man in the tan shirt and shorts, who stood there and seemed unfazed, watching the police officer physically harm the girl as she cried.

This horrific event is another reason why people of color may feel animosity towards the police.

The Youtube video and hashtag storm on Twitter illustrate the power of social media and how fast news spreads, as new movements for justice are created.

Some people took action into their own hands and demanded justice.

Others reassessed the authority of law enforcement and the circumstances of racial bias.

Officer Eric Casebolt’s treatment of the young girl was inhumane, illegal and unconstitutional. In many of these police brutality cases aimed against blacks, few are sent to court, the race card doesn’t always work and proper justification must be presented.