Race, Inequality

The Worst Pool Party Ever – And That’s Saying Something

Recently, a well-taped video by an applause-deserving Texas teenager went viral. What was the content of this video, you say? Well, let’s start off with saying this: and by this, I mean a synopsis of the entire recording.

On Friday, the 5th of June, a probably-well-meaning-but-really-not white neighbor dialed 911 and requested police to their Texan suburb to break up a violent, gang-related firefight next door. It was not the spray of bullets and the terrible screams that alerted them, however – it was the presence of AFRICAN-AMERICAN YOUTH. Also, if you are an uneducated animal, I must pause at this point to remind you that “gang-related firefight” is synonymous with “a bunch of kids at a pool party.” I should also inform you that another reason the police were reached is because an adult white woman began grappling with a young black girl after insults were made from the former to the latter about “public housing,” insinuating racist intention.

Now, these kids were attending not just any pool party – ‘twas a BIRTHDAY pool party. This already amps the excitement up. Nothing like a nice large cake and tacky decorations to accessorize a bunch of boisterous, dripping wet teenagers. It is evident that this event is a birthday-related due to the fact that you can hear teenagers saying in the midst of the all the hubub that they “just came here for a birthday party.”

Once the police arrived, they immediately sprung into action. The men who live to “protect and serve” us wasted no time in ordering kids onto the ground, shouting unnecessary and rude obscenities, and chasing down nobody in particular. These actions were also accompanied by even more yelling, even more strangely unnecessary chases, and the brutal grabbing and yanking of a young black girl’s hair.

Yes, you read that right. The police officer caught physically abusing the young girl did not simply stop at a fistful of hair. He forced her to lie down the nearby lawn, while continuously pushing her face into the ground every time she so much as twitched. When a pair of black youth, presumably her friends, attempted to come to her aid, the police officer pulled out his firearm and ensued in another unnecessary and short-lived chase with these two youth. The chase consisted of them yelling in surprise in cowering, and the officer brandishing his gun like the protector that he is.

This particular police officer has recently been recognized as Corporal Eric Casebolt. He has also been placed on leave, which I believe sounds a bit too “cruel and unusual” of a punishment. The man should have been fired immediately. It is cruel and unusual to both the McKinney Police Department and to the residents of the town to keep him on as a potential officer. Nothing good can come from a full-grown, armed man who is threatened by a 15-year old girl in a swimsuit.

The McKinney Police Department has since spoken about the video, saying that it has “raised concerns that are being investigated.”

This video has “raised concerns.” Police departments should have been concerned about police brutality and abuse of authority a long, long, long time ago.