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Mindy Kaling apparently has a thing for bad boys

Mindy confirmed that her project with B.J. Novak is already under way.

Thousands turned out this past weekend for BookCon 2015, the second annual event described as “the place where pop culture and storytelling collide,” where Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak were present to promote Mindy’s upcoming book, Why Not Me? There, Mindy confirmed that her project with B.J. Novak is already under way (for which they’re being paid a whopping 7.5 million bucks), saying that, “It’s actually really awesome, we just started to really work on it. I love working with him, so the ideas we’ve had so far are super excited.”

Fans also got treated to Mindy’s signature tell-all wittiness, as she and B.J. talked about her memoir, Why Not Me? Here are some of the best moments from the panel:

1. Mindy Kaling wants a new female friend.


I always knew that we were meant to be BFFs, Mindy! *goes to buy earliest ticket to LA* Seriously though, Mindy says that “It’s so much harder to find a woman you want to be great friends with than find a man to sleep with. Everyone comes to LA with a drive to be successful, so we don’t get to have that too often.” She talked about how her favorite people in the industry are also really busy and said, “Nothing would make me happier than finding a great and worthy and funny person to sit across from and talk about my problems with.” Did I ever mention that I’m great and worthy and funny?


2. Her memoir’s title has differing interpretations.


“I chose Why Not Me? for two big reasons. I’m at an age now, where a lot of my friends are having kids and getting married and I’m feeling a bit left out. And then, another side of it, is the ambitious side of me, is why can’t I have that life and career?” Mindy said about the title. You go, girl.


3. Mindy would use some pretty badass hashtags on Twitter to describe her new book, including:


#Blessed, #WhitePeopleProblems, #BlackPeopleProblems, #ThatGlamBookLife, #Family, #Heartache, #GrowingUp, #SecondComingofAge.  *#MindBlown*


4. When B.J. asked her about how her second book is different from her first one, she kept it real:


“The difference between then and now, I wanted people to like me. The thing with this book is that I know that people like me and so I’m incredibly honest and vulnerable in this one. I think that actually makes the book funnier,” said Mindy. She also added, “This book is mostly about the last five years, and I feel like those last five years have had more stuff happen than the thirty before it.” Thanks Mindy, I don’t feel like I’m frittering my life away anymore!


5. Speaking of B.J., he’s pretty bad, according to Mindy.


Mindy revealed that she only started liking bad boys as she grew older, and pointing to B.J., she said, “You’re the baddest of the good boys. You’re like the one at space camp who is smoking weed.” Well well. Didn’t we always suspect that B.J had a wild streak to him?


Start a countdown: Why Not Me? comes out on September 29.