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I feel betrayed, Meg Cabot

I feel betrayed: how come Mia is getting married before me? Seriously. I haven’t even found my Michael yet.

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It’s a shame that I’m out of the U.S. right now and can’t order Meg Cabot’s latest installment in the Princess Diaries series: Royal Wedding ASAP, but those of you who can, what are you waiting for? This is the first adult novel of the series, and it’s bound to be as exciting as the previous ones, if not more. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite quotes from the Princess Diaries series:

1. “Who are these people and why am I incarcerated with them on a daily basis?”


I asked myself the same question all throughout my seven years of high school, Mia. I feel ya.


2. “Well. That’s it. I’m fifteen now. Not a girl. Not yet a woman. Just like Britney.”


I’m 20 and still feel the same way.



3. “Life’s not easy for us unicorns, you know. We’re a dying breed.”


I know, right?

4. “He is the love of my life, the reason my heart beats.”

That’s what I used to think…


5. “I didn’t say anything. That’s because I was busy picturing how Judith would look with a pencil sticking out of the middle of her forehead.”


I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve felt the same way, about various people.


6. “Each and every time I see him, my heart gives this giant lurch. […] It’s sick, this weakness I have for him. Sick, I tell you.”

Same, girl.


7. “The fact is, I love him. He’s the boy I want. And one day, he WILL be mine.”


Because of you, Mia, I deluded myself into thinking that this quote would apply to my life too. (Tsk tsk- it didn’t.)


 8. “I have battled so many demons in my day, I make those girls on Charmed look like the ones on freaking Full House.”


So have I Mia. So have I.


Don’t forget to check out Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot- I’m sure it’ll be a delight for both Mia’s fans and the unacquainted!

Nidaa Mungloo

Nidaa Mungloo

Nidaa studies graphic design and journalism at Creighton University. She's an international student from Mauritius, and she's dismayed that no one at Creighton knows where Mauritius is (look it up if you don't either!). She hopes to help smash the patriarchy through her work someday.

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