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13 all-male panels that make you question the world

Men know so much about everything.

Men know so much about everything. That’s why when we have speaker panels on important issues like poverty, technology, and women’s rights, it’s crucial that these men impart on us their masculine knowledge.

Here’s a roundup of Manels from all over the world. If you crave for more male knowledge, check out Congrats! you have an all male panel.

1. Denver ComicCon’s “Women in Comics – Creators and Characters”


Female interest in comics is rising, but who will tell us how to feel and think about our beloved superheroines? Fortunately, these dudes are here to tell us about the female pioneers in the industry. And that girls get bored with comics easily.

2. Important Scientific Committee


This kids’ book teaches that with some hard work, commitment, and vision, any little boy can present his new spacecraft to a very important committee of all male members. And a dog (to be fair we don’t know if its male or female).

3. 2015 Cleveland Institute of Music Commencement



You know what’s great about white men? They’re just so…versatile! At a school that’s roughly 50% female, I still feel like they can represent any group of people and accurately portray their experiences through their own platforms such as this one.

4. “Woman” – a book by 16 men



In this book, the various roles of a Mormon woman are explained. She is a wife, daughter, sister, homemaker, counselor, teacher. That’s a lot of roles. Good thing they had a whopping total of 16 dudes contribute to this enormous effort.

5. International Women’s Day at Moroccan Women Center


“Excuse me, could you please touch upon how socio-political policies have affected the role of women in domestic and public spaces of Rabat in the last twenty-five years?”
“Um. Here’s a free pen.”

6. 2014 Global Summit of Women in Paris, France


Okay so there’re no women on the panel but look how worldly the backdrop of this event is! A banner in two languages, plus, a pretty, ethnic-looking wallpaper.

7. Pennsylvania Policy Hearing on PreK Funding


Reports that Pennsylvania women were too busy dropping their kids off at preschool to present on this panel.

8. Saudi Conference on “Women in Society”


Let’s give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Maybe by society they mean “grilled cheese” and by women they mean “pesto” and this is really a conference about different types of pesto to put in grilled cheese sandwiches.

9. Bill Maher’s “Real Science”


Actually, I think women probably declined the offer to sit at a table with the gross Bill Maher.

10. 2015 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting


WORLD. ECONOMICS. ANNUAL. Seems like too big of a concept for womenfolk to understand. Or be affected by.

11. 2015 #DiversityTrending Summit: Building An Inclusive Economy


So. Close. Yet. So. Far. AWAY.

12. “Women in Tech: The Male Perspective”


That’s the actual name of the conference, because the men who were selected “have a strong voice on the behalf of women and they’re trying to help them grow their careers.” Good intentions. And in the spirit of the old adage, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

13. Poverty Summit at Georgetown University


Because women don’t know what poverty is so just shut up and listen.