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Four reasons to get excited about Mindy Kaling’s new book

A few days ago, Mindy Kaling announced on Twitter the release of her new book, "Why Not Me?"

This is the second book that Mindy Kaling is releasing, the first one being Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? We could not be more pumped to see what Mindy has in store for us. Here are four reasons why you should run to the bookstore as soon as this book releases this fall on September 29.


1. Mindy is hilarious


If you’ve read Mindy’s first book or watch her show, The Mindy Project, then you know to expect a ton of hilarity from this book. I remember reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? on the train and really trying to prevent myself from laughing out loud so that fellow passengers wouldn’t look at me strangely. Before picking up her new book, you should definitely prepare yourself for a ton of laughter and occasional social embarrassment.


2. She keeps it real

Mindy is not afraid to tell things how they are, and addresses issues head-on. If you’ve followed her on Twitter or through her interviews, then you know that she speaks frankly about struggles that she’s gone through. Here’s one line from her new book that demonstrates her ability to tackle issues in a hilarious way: In her chapter titled How to Look Spectacular: A Starlet’s Confessions, Mindy states, “Your natural hair color may be appropriate for your skin tone, but this isn’t the land of appropriate — this is Hollywood, baby. Out here, a dark-skinned woman’s traditional hair color is honey blonde.”


3. Mindy withdrawal


If you’re a Mindy Kaling fan, then you’ve probably already heard the news that The Mindy Project is being canceled (although Hulu may pick it up for another season). Just in case we don’t get our dose of Mindy Project in the future, we hope Why Not Me? can help ease our withdrawal.


Mindy Kaling on reality

This book is aptly titled Why Not Me? because that phrase is one Mindy frequently had to ask herself during her career. As a South Asian woman who doesn’t have the “usual” Hollywood body-type, Mindy had to constantly question herself. As the book summary states, it’s tough to believe “that you have a place in Hollywood when you’re constantly reminded that no one looks like you.” I’m expecting that Mindy’s book will be very inspirational for women of color who don’t have many role models in the careers that they are pursuing and have to overcome many barriers to crack the glass ceiling.