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23 turbanistas wrapping their way to Instagram envy

The first time I saw a turbanista, I was in shock - then in awe.

The first time I saw a turbanista, I was in shock – then in awe.

There’s something about the way women who wrap carry themselves that’s out of this world. While the origins of turbans are uncertain, what’s for sure is the fact that there’s a variation in almost every culture and community in which women cover. Communities with prominent turban-wearing traditions can be found in the Indian Subcontinent, Afghanistan and North-West Pakistan, the Arabian Peninsula, Southeast Asia, the Near East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, and parts of the Swahili Coast.

It’s definitely a look that’s a show-stopper, no matter how you wrap it.

1. A perfect, braided turban.

Hipsterville, IL. Photo cred- @lambsandwich85

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2. Loving the silhouette!

3. I never knew a turban could look so COOL.

4. Snapchat filters are the quintessential turban accessory.

5. Sassy and sophisticated.

6.  The prettiest bow in the world.

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7. Beautiful shades of pink.

8. A gorgeous flower turban.

9. Turban selfies are my new obsessions!

10. The ideas for creative ways to wrap are never-ending!

11. She slays. Every. Single. Time.

12. The bigger, the damn better.

Meet @shaheerahczar , Make Up Artist from Chicago

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13. Cute!

@soniarolland la Turbanista 👑

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14. Unbelievably gorgeous.

Hot Makeup by @yariszbeth

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15. I was not prepared.

Mysterious Beauty 💎

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16. A perfect chilled out look.

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17. The perfect way to accessorize your turban? Jaw-dropping makeup!

18. #GOALS.

19. Y’all know she’s thinking about how good she looks!

20. I adore the camo color.

21. Two flawless turbanistas.

#zenmagazineafrica #zenmagazine #turbanstyle #turban #africanfashion

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22. Simple and sleek.

23. What better way to end off than with your mind BLOWN.


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