Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been obsessed with the intricacies and delicate designs that so artfully comprise the henna designs done during weddings and religious celebrations. At 13, I made a friend who would spend hours upon hours carefully tracing designs she found online, covering her hands and feet (and mine, if I was lucky) with ornate flowers and geometric patterns.

Although some people butcher the designs and call it henna, it’s easy to differentiate between the amateurs and true artists. So if you’re in need of some henna inspiration, get ready for it. These designs are more than beautiful.

1. It seems so simple – but so complex.

2. Absolutely stunning.

3. Asymmetrical beauty!

4. So gorgeous.

5. We are not worthy.

6. Can we just pause for a moment?

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Party designs #amansmehndi #partymehndi

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7. Unconventionally beautiful.

8. Elegant and perfectly detailed.

9. Love!

10. Henna is the best part of any wedding.

11. Sophisticated and sweet.

12. The details are incredibly intricate.

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Detailed arabic style bridal Mehndi by Reet #amansmehndi

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13. Absolutely bridal.

14. Royally inspired!

15. This might be more modern – but it’s stunning.

16. Love, love, love.

17. Adore the absolute attention to details!

18. Stunning, sensational, spectacular – obsessed.

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