This article contains spoilers. 

I enjoy watching the popular medical drama and tear-jerker Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t keep this fact a secret. But I don’t keep my issues with the show secret, either.

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Of course, Grey’s Anatomy is not perfect. Alongside the ongoing joke that all the characters are simply pretending to be doctors, there also exists the undeniable issue of incredibly sculpted characters being destroyed by their carnal desires and immature personality traits. It was likely not the intention of the writing team to do this. But they did, and I often find myself fuming over these tidbit flaws late into the night.

It is, however, important to remember that real human beings are, in fact, flawed — and I do not expect characters in a soap opera, of all places, to be perfect. However, I believe that one does not need to be perfect in order to respect the female race, whether it be yourself or others — and the transitions of these characters have certainly strayed away from this simple idea more than once.

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Nonetheless, behold: what has emerged from these many nights of fuming is a list of characters that were butchered for reasons which I find unsatisfactory or haven’t been able to find at all.

5. Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey of Grey's Anatomy

The moment I first laid eyes on Miranda Bailey, M.D, I fell in love. She was confident, honest, no-nonsense, and did not bother putting her personal life out in the open — until Season 7, that is. Now, years after her time as the “Nazi,” Miranda apparently cannot handle her personal life, her sexual desires, or her anger and intolerance issues.

All these characteristics now often negatively affect her professional life, which is something the former Miranda would never have allowed in anybody else.

4. Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd, for the first few episodes of the show, was presented as a soft-spoken, world-renowned neurosurgeon who was looking forward to a life of courting our protagonist, Meredith Grey. This image did not last very long.

Derek has, numerous times, lost his cool and blatantly disrespected fellow doctors in a supposedly professional environment. He has, over the course of the show, been quite rude to both of his spouses, and has cheated on a significant other TWICE — even after understanding the effect that such an action has on the latter.

3. April Kepner

April Kepner of Grey's Anatomy

Originally, I felt a bit of empathy for the character of April Kepner. She had a bit of a little-girl persona, was made fun of for her beliefs, and easily became flustered at the smallest sight of conflict.

In a way, her strength improved as her portrayer was enrolled into the main cast — but at the same time, her beliefs deteriorated. She gave up what she had dedicated her life to believing in for her close friend and pretty face, Jackson Avery. So in a way, has her strength not decreased as well?

A quick bout of sexual attraction should not have been able to turn such a determined character away from the last three decades of her life.

2. George O’Malley

George O' Malley of Grey's Anatomy

Ah, yes. O’Malley’s character was butchered — quite literally, really. However, his sudden leave from the series is not the issue I have with this particular character. It’s his escalation from a sweet, determined medical intern to a resident who marries a gorgeous, Latina surgeon — only to cheat on her with his beach blonde ex-roommate.

Not only does O’Malley cheat on his wife, he also the audacity not to respect her wishes and stay away from the ex-roommate. And if he truly wanted to be with the latter, it makes one wonder why he would act so quickly and not discuss a resolution first with his wife.

Interestingly, T.R Knight, who portrayed George, spoke about this himself, saying that he no longer understood or respected the character at that point.

1. Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery of Grey's Anatomy

Despite falling in love with and sleeping with her husband’s best friend, Addison Montgomery very quickly became one of my favorite characters on the show. She allegedly showed up at the request of the Chief of Surgery, in order to perform a difficult procedure — but she stayed to fight for her marriage and the vows she made with her husband. However, when the latter made it clear that he no longer loved her, she did not wait around.

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For the first season or two, after she popped up, Addison attempted to remain deft and mature in both her personal and professional life. She even challenged Mark Sloan, her former partner, to a no-sex deal. However, surprise! She broke the deal by immediately sleeping with her crabby and inconsiderate intern, Alex Karev — which, if I may, is an important point at which I should remind all males that being crabby and inconsiderate in real life is not the least bit attractive.

I remain impressed with the character of Addison — I simply wish the writing team had not given her a 180-degree turn.

  • Farzana is a writer and education devotee. Her work can be seen on publications such as the Huffington Post, The Islamic Monthly, and The Tempest. She is based in Los Angeles.