Seriously, how many teens are actual wizards, assassins, perfect at everything, get all the guys to fall in love with them, etc.? That’s why I was so excited to see the hashtag #VeryRealisticYA, which basically just makes fun of all of the ridiculous things that happen in YA books.

1. Teens are skilled fighters

How many teens are actually brilliant at shooting bows and arrows, scaling walls, and hand-to-hand combat? Unless high-schoolers are secretly receiving ninja training at night, it’s kind of absurd for so many teenage characters to be fantastic fighters. I really loved this snarky jab at Peeta from The Hunger Games:

Cody from American Ninja Warrior

2. From nerd to hot girl

Apparently the only difference between nerds and hot girls is glasses. There are so many books (and movies) out there where the geek girl receives a makeover and it always involves the removal of her glasses. What even is that?! It makes zero sense.

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

3. Post-college reality check

College grads can definitely sympathize with this Twitter post. Let’s be for real though, does Harry even need to do anything with his degree? He can pretty much just live off his fame/become a stay-at-home dad as Ginny saves the world.

Young wizards in Harry Potter

4. “I is popular on the social media”

For some reason female characters receive a ton of stalker-ish messages (ex. the Pretty Little Liars book/television series). Imagine how anti-climatic/realistic things would be if they just attributed it to their posts on social media.

Snow White meme.

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