She spends hours

In front of the mirror

In front of a lens

In front of herself

Getting those brows on “fleek”

Contour so strong she could

Hurt a man

Wings so sharp they could

Stab a man

No, she should wear

Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on

But maybe I don’t like sweats

I hope you don’t take that wrong

No, she should have

Chopped hair

White t-shirt

Voice so loud I see her scream

No, she should be covered

Her body doesn’t need to speak

Voice so strong actions so loud

No, don’t tell me what she looks like

Stop telling me what she wears

She’s here to show you

So stop looking at her

Start seeing her

Start listening to her

She’s screaming and they’re screaming

One cause but a hundred voices

Stop screaming at each other

We want the same thing

She spends hours

In front of herself

She doesn’t want to hurt a man, stab a man

I don’t know what she looks like

But I hear her, powerful and clear

Voice so strong it could only be

Hundreds in unison

The array embraced

A flood of colors and voices

The beauty of feminism

Is unparalleled

  • Maisha Rahman

    Maisha Rahman is from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.