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Dual Targets

I have two targets on my back

One for being Muslim

And one for being black

I feel as if I am always looking back

Was I followed?

Is this a trap?

Dark parking lots

Belly twisted up in knots

Feeling heavy from the stares I endure on the block.

This could have been me

This could have been my sister

This could have been you last semester


I let the ink bleed until my fingers bare blisters

All I see is disgusted looks

Yet I pull back to my vision

stick my nose in my books

pretend as if it doesn’t bother me

that your hate thickens the air i breathe

Blue dramatic tears drop

Feeling so halftone like a comic strip

Weak as a hero at a villains fingertips

Am I red with anger or blue with sadness?

Makes no sense to be yellow with happiness

How can I get out of this mess!?

Maintain the peace without going to prison

Fists at my side for my mother as a reason

What good would I do for us behind bars anyway

So with this verse I simply fly away

Bar after bar

I climb my thoughts

praying to survive what the Lord has brought


I have two targets on my back

One for being Muslim and one for being black

and despite my fear of another attack

I know that my sisters are watching my back

some of them are muslim, and some of them are black

and I find great blessing and comfort in knowing just that

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