What. Is. Going. On?

Why is everyone obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey?

According to The Telegraph, this series has sold more copies than Harry Potter – over 10 million copies worldwide. The movie of the first book, “Fifty Shades of Grey” premiered just before Valentines Day this year – how… lovely.

I will not be reading the book and I am definitely nowhere near interested in seeing the film. Hopefully, I can attempt to convince you why it’s not the greatest “love” story and why I’m not going to dare and flip a page from it.

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First things first: a book like this can be found in a section labeled as “erotic fiction”. Based off of the Merriam Webster dictionary, this means “works of art or literature that deal with sex and are meant to cause sexual feelings.” I’ve come across a few acquaintances who brought up their excitement about the book and I’m like, just no.. please stahp. Personally, I would never come near such a book because if watching sex is haram then how can reading it be halal? It’s not even sex – this is a whole new level of disgust – something I would consider sinful based on my interpretations of Islam.

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Look, I get it. I get that there’s this somewhat romantic aspect in the novel/movie about how seductive Christian Grey is and how so many women are obsessing about him being the ideal man.  What I don’t get is how phrases that Mr. Grey says such as his need to “exercise control in all things” or “my tastes are very singular” – do not come off as striking and non feminist. This is not my ideal man.  Relationships in real life are not meant to be this way whatsoever. There’s no passion in this. This is a freak who lured with worldly treasures and denounces your worth to a sexual object. The trailer gives you glimpses of his “playroom” which, frankly speaking, is the playroom  for a guy using sexual abuse to fill in a hole in his heart.

Another aspect about this series is that it involves BDSM. BDSM stands for: Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism. If you have no clue what those words mean, don’t worry – they don’t add flavor to your life, so don’t bother. However, if you do know their meaning, then sadly this is the core purpose of the trilogy. When I think of the concept of sex, I see it as a gift that God has bestowed upon couples to fuel their love for one another, not as something that inflicts pain on one spouse. Yes, there can be role playing while having sex but that takes time, patience and agreement between spouses, if that’s their method of experimenting, so long as it doesn’t reach sexual and physical abuse. Having that said, this story distorts this beautiful gift and presents age groups as young as teenagers with a messed up-evil view of what love is and what it should be.
If you’ve fallen in love with the way Mr. Grey seduces and is able to read Anna’s body language, then you ought to take into consideration that this isn’t his first time he’s done this. Such instances come from experience. Being able to figure what turns your spouse on takes practice and guidance, it’s a give and take relationship.

It’s mind boggling to me to see such a book skyrocket the charts to the point where the media went wild when the director revealed that they weren’t going to film the infamous tampon scene because there were just too many sex scenes already.  Wow – thank you so much!

[bctt tweet=”I will not be reading the book and I am definitely not interested in seeing the film. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

If you’re still wondering whether I read the book or not, I have not. And I won’t ever. Thankfully, God has blessed me with more than fifty shades of truth that can keep me far away from such material and more focused on important matters.

At the end of the day, I walk away from this knowing that this series is about a sadistic billionaire’s “love” story. A fantasy I do not want to be near.

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