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10 dumbest reactions to the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot

I’d like to give a shoutout to the following internet goers for their insight on this bold move

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Since Hollywood has officially run out of ideas, I’m pretty sure that producers hear the word “sequel” or “reboot” and just throw money at it. Unfortunately, some executive at Sony went overboard with the cocaine and decided that a Ghostbusters reboot was something the general public truly needed. When Sony announced that the primary cast would be comprised of four women, the internet threw the most fantastic shitstorm of a tantrum.

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I’d like to give a shoutout to the following internet goers for their insight on this bold move by Sony. THEY are:


1. Shawn


Screw analytics, marketing, and research– Shawn, film critic extraordinaire, is able to gauge the success of a film based on the primary cast’s gender alone!


2. Guardianobserved

Guardian Observed

Ah, Shawn, you have competition! 


3. Ryan


Ryan, I am truly sorry that this film has ingrained itself so deeply into your identity that you are unable to enjoy it unless it stars men. It must be so hard to be you.

The film belongs to men and we’re stealing it? Wasn’t it men who made googling My Little Pony a minefield for thousands of little girls? I’m looking at YOU, Bronies.


 4. Lhommenoir


Those damn feminists, running amok, fighting for gender equality and singlehandedly running Hollywood into the ground! Damn them all!


 5. Jason 


Aw, Jason, you ol’ softie. So sweet of you to be so concerned about studio money.

By the way, did you know that the original film was going to star John Belushi and John Candy? So there would’ve been two Fat Ghostbusters! You lucked out, though, because Belushi passed away before the film went into production. Sure dodged a bullet there. Carry on with your fat-shaming!


 6. Toan


Don’t. Have fun living with ghosts in your house, dude.


7. Elijah


Elijah, you are so brave to represent insecure men across the globe. I truly hope that one day an all-female cast in a film will not pose a threat to your masculinity and, ahem, “bust your balls.”


8. Okparanoid


Translation: I am afraid of change. And women. And anything that doesn’t look, talk or act like me. 


9. Ali


Uncontrollable silent laughter is actually a medical condition. Please get professional help.


10. Suppressed


The future of intersectional feminist filmmaking, y’all. Look out.


Regardless of my personal (mixed) feelings about the cast, it’s unfair to hate on it simply because of the fact. Paul Feig is a talented comedy director, and the ladies involved have proved that they are funny. They haven’t even released a trailer for the film. So everyone just take a breather and calm down.

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Let’s agree to analyze the film based on its merit, not the gender of anyone involved. It’s not that hard.